These inspired designs built to enjoy and share were completed for clients by Leisha Johnson and her installation team at Gardens by the Yard, LLC
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Overlooking Bullough Pond

This lovely new construction overlooking a local pond in Newton needed a complete makeover. The teardown lot demanded dexterity, ingenuity and creativity. There was a significant grade change from the front door to the sidewalk which needed to be managed for erosion control, and access to the back yard from the front was only allowed on one side. We engineered and built shelves that gradually navigated the significant grade change using bluestone slabs wrapped around the front of the house to a delightful side patio and back gathering space. A retaining wall at the sidewalk decreased the grade change, and a series of bluestone slabs allows casual navigation along the front to the side patio and back yard among elegant, natural-looking perennial planting groups. The groundcovers were specified to hold grade and prevent erosion as well as provide 4-season beauty.